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The VL Range  offers even the most modern of homes a real choice, In this range we have a variety of reclaimed teak pieces, which all compliment each other beautifully.

All the modern indoor reclaimed teak furniture in this range is shown below, the majority of which are on display in our Chester showroom.

Each piece has a shelf behind the sliding doors which can be removed if needed, each teak TV stand can have plug holes drilled to suit at no charge.

Each piece is hand made from reclaimed teak wood making each item unique!

If you’re local then please feel free to call in to see for yourself. If you’re not local we are well worth a trip - and we have a kettle!

Please contact us by email or phone on 01244 300160 for more details on our modern reclaimed teak furniture.

Ref VL 21 A clean, modern reclaimed teak sideboard £995

Height 85cm  Width 240cm  Depth 45cm


Ref VL 22 - A modern reclaimed teak dresser £1295

Height 220cm  Width 150cm  Depth 35/45cm


Ref VL 37 - Reclaimed teak coffee table/stool   (Prices vary for different sizes)

Variuos sized available 50x50 - 110x110


Ref VL 35 - 8 compartment teak room divider £695

Height 160cm  Width 80cm  Depth 40cm


Ref VL 12 - Teak bookcase, looks great with VL53/VL54. Priced at £495

Height 210cm  Width 50cm  Depth 40cm



Ref VL 16  A wider version of our best selling teak bookcase   £695

Height 220cm  Width 100cm  Depth 35cm


Ref VL 72 - Reclaimed teak TV stand/media cabinet   £895

Height 55cm  Width 225cm  Depth 50cm


Ref VL 70 - Low teak sideboard, also useful as TV/Media storage £950

Height 55cm   Width  220cm  Depth 55cm


Ref VL 31 - 4 drawer reclaimed teak dresser  £1595

Height 225cm  Width 190cm  Depth 45cm


Ref VL 25 - Reclaimed teak sideboard with 3 drawers and 2 sliding doors  £695

Height 105cm  Width 150cm  Depth 48cm


Ref VL 17 - Reclaimed teak TV stand/media cabinet   £395

Height 70cm  Width 90cm  Depth 55cm


Ref VL 58 - Teak cabinet with sliding doors and shelf  £495

Height 80cm  Width 100cm  Depth 50cm


Ref VL 32 - Stack together or place on side  £150

Height 42cm  Width 42cm  Depth 40cm


Ref VL 39 - Reclaimed teak dining table

160cm x 90cm  £550                  180cm x 90cm  £595  

220cm x 90cm  £650                  200cm x 100cm  £695

220cm x 100cm  £750                 250cm x 100cm  £895


Ref VL 48 - Reclaimed teak TV stand/media cabinet  £295

Height 55cm  Width 80cm  Depth 55cm


Ref VL 53 - 2 drawer teak side table also available in 4 and 6 drawer variants  £225

Height 75cm  Width 45cm  Depth 35cm


Ref VL 54 - 4 drawer reclaimed teak side table, also available in 2 and 6 drawer variants  £325

Height 75cm  Width 85cm  Depth 35cm


Ref VL 55 - 6 drawer side table also available in 2 and 4 drawer variants   £425

Height 75cm  Width 125cm  Depth 35cm


Ref VL 65 - Reclaimed teak TV stand  £550

Height 50cm  Width 135cm  Depth 50cm


Ref VL 66 - 3 drawer reclaimed teak TV stand/media cabinet  £595

Height  50cm  Width 180cm   Depth 50cm


Ref VL 69 - A low sideboard with 4 drawers and 2 sliding doors   £995

Height 55cm  Width 250cm  Depth 55cm


Ref VL 59 - 3 drawered teak sideboard   £550

Height 90cm  Width 130cm  Depth 50cm


Ref VL 67 - A reclaimed teak desk, can be shelved behind door to suit  £595

Height 80cm  Width 150cm  Depth 75cm


Ref VL 61 - Our largest reclaimed teak sideboard   £1295

Height 100cm  Width 260cm  Depth 48cm


Ref VL 62 - Standard opening doors on this piece   £650

Height 70cm  Width 160cm  Depth 60cm


Ref VL 28 - 2 sliding doors full length shelf behind   £495

Height 55cm  Width 135cm  Depth 55cm


Ref VL 41 - Plenty of storage here for SKY/DVD etc   £595

Height 55cm  Width 180cm  Depth 50cm


Ref VL 19 - Also available as ref VL 20 with 5 drawers   £595

Height 110cm  Width 90cm  Depth 45cm


Ref VL 20 - Also available as ref VL 19 with 10 drawers  £295

Height 110cm  Width 48cm  Depth 46cm


Ref VL 11 - Teak bookcase availabe in left and right opening   £450

Height 210cm  Width 50cm  Depth 40cm


Ref VL 47 - A corner TV stand  £395

Height 55cm  Width 115cm  Depth 75cm


Ref VL 52 - Reclaimed teak bedside cupboards (Available in left & right opening) £225

Height 75cm  Width 45cm  Depth 40cm


Ref VL 26 - 2 sliding door reclaimed teak sideboard  £795

Height 105cm  Width 200cm  Depth 48cm


Ref VL 63 - Reclaimed teak coffee table with drawers  £475

Height 55cm  Width 100cm  Depth 100cm


Ref VL 56 - This is the same colour as all the other pieces.  £2750

Height 235cm  Width 260cm  Depth  50cm


Ref VL 23 - A simple reclaimed teak sideboard  £595

Height 90cm  Width 100cm  Depth 50cm